Friday, April 1, 2011

Good Parting

I figured I should give a little scenario, before the poem ... you'll understand.

I woke to an interesting dream this morning.  It was so clear, and real, more real than life often feels.  Colors were more pure, the feel of each surface transported through my being so that I felt at one with each and every particle of the universe.  In my dream, I had achieved self-actualiztion … is that the right term?  I was at one with everything; was part of everything. 

I was dying of some incurable disease.  I was at peace with it, and my very loving friends had finally come to the point where they understood, and were able to share in my peace.  We celebrated my last days in a calm, happy holiday.  I savored every last feeling, knowing that they would likely never be felt again; the pain as precious as the tender warm sensations of love. 

The most poignant sensation was that of the love my friends surrounded me with.  There was no sadness, but a deep happiness for having been close for many years, and the expectation of sharing one of my life’s most significant moments. 

When I passed, I was with the love of my life.  There were no tears.  No hallow feeling of loss and emptiness.  We all knew we were still part of each other; a bond that would never be broken, or lessened.
I hope when my time comes, those who knew me will be happy for the experience.  I have no interest in an early parting from this life, but I hope when it is my time I can meet it in the presence of love and friendship that I experienced in this dream.  I hope I can meet the inevitable with joy in my heart, at the lifelong accumulation of the gifts of the moments I really lived.

No, I’m not high.  Likewise, I am not sick in any life threatening way that I know of.  At least there are none that I know of, or suspect.

Good Parting

Gentle, peaceful sigh
Warm smile, comforting embrace
Last, mortal breath

Ken Goree

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