Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I’m so glad I did my taxes
With so much time to spare
Didn’t let it sit around my house
Though I didn’t think it fair

I’m sure I paid my bills on time
I double checked them twice
If I missed the power bill
To the neighbor’s line I’ll splice

How ‘bout Electrity
It’s often over rated
How if the incandescents
Were more understated

If the water’s bill
Is so very overdue
I’m sure it’s not a problem
Will my scent offend you

And sewer, let’s not talk
Well, maybe just a mite
There’s the cedar tree out back
Come on, just for one night

Come to think of it right now
There’s something I should do
I should change my oil
It may be overdue

Ken Goree

Speaking of taxes … Someone very close to me, in proximity and heredity, waited a bit longer than I would be comfortable with doing to submit his taxes, yesterday.  I hope they got that postmark.

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