Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Good Day

A good day turns great
When a child bears a gift
It shall raise your mood’s state
Will always your spirit lift

A glass of red in hand
As I sit listening to
Nature’s sounds on the land
And evening blankets with dew

My thoughts drift again to the morning
As the fire does crackle and burn
Daybreak treasure given without warning
Memory causes my smile to return

Ken Goree

And I am smiling, as I finish this poem.  The same girl who brought me flowers earlier in the year brought me strawberry shortcake this morning.  It is an interesting situation.  Each day feels like a gift to have this wonderful, bright, inquisitive child in my class.  Then this morning, like the day she brought me the flowers, she holds out a family treat to me as a gift.  The look in her eye asks, “Is this gift good enough?”  There is nothing more sincere and endearing, and if she could only realize, every morning she walks in my room she is giving me a precious gift.

The funny part of this story is, I started a new diet this morning, and strawberry shortcake is not on it (narrow-minded diet inventor!).  Of course, I ate it; such a sincere gift.  I’d have eaten it if it were a mud pie (which likely is on this diet).  What is the harm of starting the diet one day later?

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