Friday, April 8, 2011

Comforting Light

Comforting Light

The moon
Follows us all
The young
Know it

Her cool
Clear light
Our paths

Her crystal
Promises to stir
Open hearts

Her twinkling
Gives wings
To our dreams

Ken Goree

I don’t know what just triggered the memory, but I just had a flashback to when my son was little; probably three-years-old.  We were driving one clear night, when suddenly he shouted, “Crash!”  It took me a few minutes to switch my mind back into “kid mode,” (I was an accountant in those days).  Eventually, I realized that as we drove it looked to the child’s eye like the moon was speeding along with us.  However, when we passed a cluster of fir trees it appeared to him that the moon had crashed into them.  I had to pull over and laugh.

I know it doesn’t exactly fit the poem, but it got me rolling.

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