Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Forgot

The problem with these school breaks
Is one I hope you understand
It’s hard for me to track the time
Senility, teacher’s brand

Because when the school’s in session
Every minute we do mark
Each moment gallantly trying
To make those intellects spark

But when the day’s parts aren’t scheduled
We’ve trouble with our benchmark
We need a personal plan book
Or might as well trace sun’s arc

So if I miss a meet with you
Please don’t think that I’m a snot
The time with you means much to me
I did try, but I forgot

Ken Goree

When I started writing this poem, I meant it to be about procrastination.  However, as I sat down to work on it I realized that I hadn’t really procrastinated writing today’s poem, I just couldn’t remember what the date was and whether, possibly, I might have already written one for today.  After checking the date and the posted date of the last poem, I became certain that I hadn’t written today’s. 
Then of course, I began to ponder why someone with my level of education (bunches) would lose track of the date and time.  Further pondering reminded me that many of my teaching associates (also with bunches of education) had the same curious tendency to lose track of time during school breaks.  There you have it, the inspiration for today’s poem.

In a couple hours I’ll probably sit down, again, to write today’s poem.  I do have to admit, it will be nice to be one ahead.

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