Sunday, April 10, 2011

So Wounded

So Wounded

Lively a
Woman, no one
Could compare to her
Feeling gifts of the World
Around her, carrying her through life.

Did not
Expect to lose
Herself, to a man
Only wanted to share life
With one, and to feel complete

She found
Much too late
The beast had her
Its shiny cloak did hide
Dark and blackened, jealous soul within

Did flee
Her last treasure
Torn from mother’s arms
Sharp barbs and arrows chasing
As her child receded into darkness

Time did
Call hopes name
And light’s champions came
Bringing back to broken princess
Strength from her sweet child’s touch

Ken Goree

This is the "other side of the same coin," referring to yesterday's poem.  

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  1. The form of this poem was satisfying. As I read it,I felt like each stanza was a fulfilled thought. . Nice job.