Monday, April 4, 2011



I hear
This spring morning
The voices of
I think
That perhaps
If I listened
A little harder
I might  understand
The message
Behind his
And four
Note songs.

I sit
On my back porch
Hands cupped
Warming against
My coffee
Drops of water
From branches
Dot ripples
Across the pond
Even in the chill of
Winter’s last nudge
I understand
Robin’s message
Spring has come

Ken Goree

I think I like the way this poem turned out.  I had started out wondering if I should be silly with it.  I listened to the robins out back and noticed the two different songs; one three notes, the other four notes.  There was occasionally a song that trilled on six or seven notes, but that could have been two robins talking at the same time.

I wondered, was the the three note song the males, “Hey, Baby.”  Could the four note song have been the females, “Come here, Big Boy.” 

I think I prefer the way I went with the poem.

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