Saturday, April 9, 2011

Which Way?

Which Way?

Which way
Will you pass
When Sanity opens
A black pit at your feet?

Will pride
Arrogance and
Stubborn nature
Keep you from
Recognizing truth
In Friend’s words

Would that
Your ears heard
Truth untwistable
Rather than reform
Into mutation that
Tears sanity with
Jagged, pestilent claws

Is there any light
Clear, bright light
Which could pierce
Your clouded Hell
To chase away
Whispering demons
And let you see
The chains
You have forged
To trap your sanity.

Ken Goree

I know, this is a bit darker. When you have a friend that is mentally ill, it is a challenge, no matter what. When their illness causes them to do evil things it is even worse. If they won't get medicated, you can extend a hand to try to help them up, but it will keep getting bitten. At least, that is my experience. So, if you see me with a bandage on my hand, you'll know I tried again.

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