Thursday, March 31, 2011



I am thankful
For so much
The wind that
I sometimes curse
The dark that brings sleep
And thrills with
Thumping heart terrors
The sun that warms
Stings skin and eye
The cold that chills
And causes blankets to be drawn
In tight
Music that causes me to cringe
And send goose flesh running
The length of my arm
Stories that make me
Believe in strength
And cry for beauty
Your smile and soft breath
As you fall asleep in my arms
I am thankful

Ken Goree

It has been a good day.  And while I breathe … they are all good days (from my vantage point).  Each is one more chance to experience creation.  It may be pretty damn good after the breathing stops, but I plan to suck all of the wonder out of this life while I still have it.  I have eternity for what comes next, right?

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