Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ode to the Lawn Mower

Ode to the Lawn Mower

One day, one summer, when I was four
I found that locked was my front door
Sat down, chin in hands, “What a bore.”
Nothing to play with, ‘cept what dad would abhor
Only his big loud Sear’s lawn mo’er
Seat was high up, but I climbed aboard
Bounced up and down making sounds like, “ROAR!”
Then found a key, “Hey, what’s this for?”
I turned the thing and imagination did soar
A lust of excitement came from every pore
The machine shot forward, states all the lore
It will stop, right?  Can there be more?
It took out the freezer, food on the floor
Crushed canoe and every last oar
As for the garage, it changed the decor
Punctured oil cans, on the ground they did pour
I was in big trouble, I knew the score
When dad came home, I was done for
When I was discovered I might well explore
Anywhere, but here, a far distant shore
I wish the garage to previous, I could restore
All the organization, my dad did adore
I guess the destruction, I’m responsible for
When I am caught, like a prisoner of war
My terrible deeds, history will underscore
I doubt a pardon I will receive before
My dad sees the things he will deplore
His great and kind mercy, I will implore
I’ll suggest that I would do any chore
Or if he wished, I’d join the Marine Corps
If he decides to beat me I'll be "real sore"
When dad got home, a smack I prepared for
Being naughty I said, I’d do no more
All the damage I’d done, dad couldn’t ignore
My dad was a great guy, how could I say more?
He soon recovered and built new, good rapport
The Mexican border I didn’t need to make for
Like apocalypse now, needed a musical score
In the first time in his life, I think dad swore
And then, he made for the local liquor store
After  the event, I think we all know the score
Never again! I’ll not be locked out anymore

Ken Goree

Yes, I realize that this poem is not an ode.  It is a monorhyme, but Monorhyme to the Lawnmower just didn't sound right.  I guess it isn't hard to figure out, but it is a poem that has a final end rhyme on all lines. I am sure that there are many problems with this poem that my writing group will be helping me with.  Thank you in advance!  I hope it tells the story, and the poetic problems don't interfere.

I was trying to fit Louis L'amour into the poem, but I was getting too tired to squeeze him in.  Sorry, Louis.

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  1. I can't believe that you stuck to that form for such a long poem- impressive! It was pretty funny, and I could imagine some sweet little boy getting into that trouble. Thanks for the smile, I needed it :-)