Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Good doesn’t understand
Vicious unrelenting
Good Doesn’t understand
Wanting to inflict
Pain as its prize
Good Doesn’t understand
For its own sake
Good Doesn’t understand
Taking just to have
While others have not
Good Doesn’t understand
Finding comfort
In destruction
Good Doesn’t understand
Why …

Thank God

Ken Goree

I love teaching young children.  When they do “bad things” they are minor, and the reasons are uncomplicated.  Even better, the “bad things” don’t occur nearly as often as the simple acts of innocent beauty and love.  How often does a “grown-up” give you a simple ugly crayon drawing that is so filled with wide-eyed innocence, and pure love that it is transformed into a priceless gold nugget that you can’t bear to part with, and stash away like a gem, in a treasure chest that was once a box full of copier paper.

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