Friday, March 4, 2011

Our Freedoms

Our Freedoms …

F              -              Feed the soul and
R             -              Release us from tyranny.  They
E              -              Encourage our mightiest acts, as well as
E              -              Enabling our most noble endeavors.  They
D             -              Do not entitle us to evil actions, but
O             -              Oblige responsibility upon us, or they
M            -              May be lost.

Ken Goree

I wrote this poem yesterday after reading an article.  The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that hateful protesting at military funerals was protected as free speech.  I hate to think of limits to the freedom of speech, but the cruelty of these protesters makes me physically ill.  I do not believe they are trying to make a point.  I sincerely believe they are vicious, and only interested in feeling powerful by causing pain to others.  


  1. Amen Brother! Preach it! Narcissism rears it's ugly head in every aspect of our lives. It totally infuriates the soul, but to give in and allow it to poison our hearts is also a tragedy. I guess the only solution for their darkness would be to show them love...which is asking what seems the limit of the human psyche.
    Good luck to us, eh?

  2. That would be a super-human skills.

  3. Well said Ken! And I so enjoy the wide range of your poetic vision!

  4. Thank you Lisa.
    And for everyone,pardon the grammatical mistake on my last comment. That should have been "skill."