Sunday, March 6, 2011

Application of Force

Application of Force

To move a large mass
Using fulcrum and lever
It is all in the placement
You needn’t be clever

On one end the mass
The lever tucked under
A fulcrum comes next
But where to put it, you wonder

Near to the mass
The fulcrum will go
Now push down the far end
Of the lever, “just so”

And now the mass
Up, up it will travel
The practice will work
Be the mass boulder, or gravel

Ken Goree

This is a didactic poem. The didactic poem is a poem that is intended to be used to instruct.  I am beginning the Balance and Motion science unit in my classroom and decided to write a didactic poem about balance.  Somewhere along the way, the poem was chewed up and spat back out (mentally, and metaphorically) as a poem about simple machines.  It's strange how a thing like that can happen when it is almost 1:00 in the morning.  I'll have to try the "balance" poem again at a less obscene hour of the day.

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