Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Balance - In the Scientific Sense


When dealing with an object
You’ll find a possibility
Than when you think you’ve got it
There is an instability

Don’t worry now, I’ll tell you
Balance is not mysterious
But heed this warning now
With great weights please, stay serious!

There is a thing not secret
It’s called the balance point
And if you do not find it
The weight will disappoint

The position of the mass
Around this magic spot
An important distribution
If it balances or not

The arrangement of these pieces
Will form a unique system
To keep it very stable
So important is position

On the other side of balance
Should be a counterweight
If it all is working
A celebration you will rate

Ken Goree

All right, I’m not sure this really is a didactic poem, as it doesn’t really instruct.  However, it does use most of the science vocabulary words for this first lesson in our Balance and Motion unit.

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