Friday, August 5, 2011

What did My Doggie Eat?

What did my doggie eat
I’m sad, I’m sure he liked it
Like many things he chews on
He swallowed it lickity-split

He snuck into the woods, you see
Far from my watchful sight
What would surely turn my stomach
Was much to his delight

When fine’ly he returned to me
He’d found a dreaded morsel
I’m sure he found the time to gulp
A tidbit mighty fell

Since afternoon, my pretty pup
He wouldn’t even chew
All he did was lie around
There’s nothing he would do

I had a worried feeling
That I knew what was up
That rotting little tidbit
Was going to come up

When evening came, however
Of vomit, was no sign
Could I have been so wrong?
I guess he might be fine

And though his stomach settled
Was not so with his bowel
He released from deep within
A smell, much more than foul

Ken Goree

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