Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Daughter’s Protector

My daughter has some friends
They may be stopping by
I think I’ll grab my shotgun
As I know one is a guy

Oh crap, he has a Mohawk
This just does not seem right
He has a vicious smirk
This might end with a fight

I pulled out the gun oil
An old man needs his fun
And nothing as impressive
As a pumping 12 gauge gun

All of a funny sudden
As if I’d been a planner
This six-foot punked out teen
Showed more than just one manner

He wasn’t such a bad guy
But a father has to show
A frightening, mean façade:
“Through you a hole I’ll blow.”

We all sat for movies
We saw Rocky’s Picture Show
But when I got too drowsy
It was time for him to go

The boy did call me, Sir
Perhaps I'll change my mind
I may not need to hurt him
He's quirky - just my kind

However, I'm still thinking
His haircut needs to go
Lots of dads said that of me
A long, long time ago

Like I said before
Not that bad a guy
I think my jury’s out
He may not need to die

Ken Goree

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