Monday, August 1, 2011

Night Terrors

Dark terror in the night
Gripping heart in cold
Jagged squeeze

Holding voice silent
Without chance to scream

Limbs bound tight with
Ropes of sharp panic’s

Senseless mind’s scattering
In rabbit-like frenzy of

Dark terror in the night
Releases its hold

Fading quickly from memory
Fog running before

Ken Goree

My daughter talked me into watching a horror movie last night.  I wasn’t impressed, just the same old “teenagers making bad choices, get their come-uppance,” through going insane or being murdered.  Happily, a dog started barking back in the wetlands behind my house, where no dog has barked before.  My daughter went out to see what it was.  Then I did something I have never done to my kids before, I played on her fear … “Carly, careful, it might be The Other Twin (one of the evil legends in the movie).”  I’m not sure I have ever seen her move that fast.  I wish I had tried that when I was coaching her softball team, we would have been champions.

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