Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The book is finished!!!

The first of the poetry books is finished and up for sale!

It is called,
Glass, volume I: One-quarter Full

There are three ways to buy it, if you are interested.
1)  Ask me to bring you a copy, next time I see you.  I will sell it to you at a discount ($10.00).  With this option, you get to see me shyly, and feeling awkward, hand it over and write something sweet about how your were likely the inspiration for one or more poems in it.
2)  Buy it from the company I published it through, at: 
3)  Buy it from Amazon, at:

Thank you, everyone who has taken the time to drop by this blog and read my work.  I greatly appreciate it.  So far there have been around 3200 visits to the blog.

PS - Buying the book directly from me will do the most to make me smile and brighten my day.
PPS - Buying it through Createspace will do the most to help me pay my bills.

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