Friday, August 19, 2011

I’m Just a Boy with My Thing

There's always just a little thing
I think all must know
I’m just a little boy inside
Nothing else can one bestow

On summer days, with a plaything
Of age there is no limit
It doesn’t matter what the thing
A spider, frog, or cricket

Sometimes it is a precious thing
A gift from God above
Other times a curse like when
Understanding a thing like love

Trying to define this thing
Is sadly beyond my means
Just when I think I have it
I’ve mussed it up, it seems

A happy and a joyous thing
From whence all good does come
A many splendored thing is love
You should try it, My Good Chum

But then there is a “girl thing”
Which I try to understand
Sometimes I think I’ve got it
A thing of a different brand

Sadly though their special thing
Of charm, and grace, and soul
I wish I had more of it
But flounder at my goal

Ladies do all know these things
Your hearts sing forth with feeling
Emotionally you seem to know
The power of love’s healing

Here I am, with my “boy thing”
About that once more I’m torn
Again, could be, I’ve screwed love up
I’m feeling quite forlorn

Ken Goree

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