Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Okay, Are We Done?

I thought her Mohawked friend
Was just a little glitch
He's just the tip of the iceberg
She's acting like a witch

I dropped her at a party
Another girl's birthday
“I’ll pick you up at nine o’clock
Beyond that time, no play"

“Why” is a word, before today
I thought was cool and curious
Now, if I hear it one more time
I think I will get furious

I never changed my mind before
To each decision I stick
"Can’t you see the deal is done?
Think, come on, let it click!"

We’ve been home an hour now
And still I hear that word
"You can't be serious, still you’re asking?"
This is just absurd!

"Cold shoulder?  That’s your worst?"
Thank God there's finally silence
Don't tell her that I like this
Or she might resort to violence

When morning comes, I'm hoping
Peace will reign again
I’ll be her hero father
Just like I've always been

Ken Goree

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