Sunday, August 7, 2011

Captain Randolf

I got this here
Thank Gōsh It don’t hurt my
To plug in my stinkin’
With quite a bit o’

I find I don’t mind my thumb
Though I used to consider it
It comes in kinda’ handy when
Though the ladies still my advances are
A thwartin’

I spend my day on my sailboat
Though with the motor shot where I’ll land there’s
No knowin’
Hope the Coast Guard will give me
A tow in
If not, to the bottom I’ll
Be goin’

I just had me a great big
The same thing my mom always would
Plea to me
If I put a few less beers
In to me
When coming in, two docks I
Wouldn’t see

Once again I returned
Quite alive
Although I was much drunk
By five
From another six pack I will strive
I’m sure for more days
I’ll survive

Ken Goree

I met a very nice gentleman on the marina docks this afternoon.  He lives aboard a small-ish sailboat.  He is friendly, outgoing and loves to chat-up anyone he meets.  In the space of five minutes he drank several large cans of beer that he had just picked up at the harbor convenience store; explained the wonderful bargain his boat had been; and recapped a story that apparently repeats itself on a fairly regular basis.  In this story, his boat engine always dies, but he is able to drift to his destination.  On the return journey he gets another boat to tow him a quarter mile from shore and then has the coast guard tow him back to the marina.  He is Vietnam veteran, with a thumb he gave for his country.  I liked his friendliness, a lot.  He is at peace with life, and has found a place that is comforting and welcoming, to him.

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