Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Canal View

Peaks hidden
Behind veil of mist
Darken from ghostly grey
To soft purple, Turning darker still
As they approach in the lower foothills
Turning to browns then greens
As they reach
The water’s

Pattern the canal
As it spreads out all around
From east to west filling sight
And reflecting the cloud dotted sky
Carrying boats and floating logs
Silently, calling to me
High above on my
Quite tranquil

Ken Goree

My friend Kelly and I took a road trip today.  We had the pleasure of visiting my friend Diana at her wonderful cabin on Hood Canal.  I can’t imagine a more magical place.  The view from her deck looking out across the water is incredible.  The tips of the Olympic Mountains were hidden in the clouds, but we could see the progression of lower and lower hills that were closer to us.  The Hood Canal had a slight ripple on its surface, marked occasionally by passing boats, diving birds and here and there the dark slash of a salmon’s fin as it cut through the surface.  It is a very peaceful place.  Thank you Diana, for your hospitality.

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