Friday, August 26, 2011

My Boy

My boy is at a job again
Started yesterday
He’s working at the carnival
I guess that that’s okay

He isn’t quite a carny
When it goes away
And moves to other places
At my home he’ll stay

Glad to see he’s now employed
Doing work that’s steady
In something that’s financial
For cash he was ready

When to school he’s back again
Learning something new
A jingle in his pocket
Cash from me is through

He says he has the worst job
On his rear he sits
In a clear and hot glass booth
Sells the parking slips

If that is the worst of it
All he does is wait
A story I have for him
Cutting stinky bait

There are so many worse things
That a lad can do
I’ve farmed wheat in Monatana
Drove an old truck too

Yes, my words fall on deaf ears
Rolls his eyes, you see
“Dad, what happened yester-year
Does not count for me.”

I know you other parents
Saw this act before
I did the same thing to my dad
But now, respect him more

Oops, I think I did complain
Really I’m excited
My boy does honest working now
I am much delighted

Ken Goree

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