Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let Me Eat

Yes, my cute little lady
Daddy loves you true
Tough decisions are my job
Something I can do

Yes, you have a different thought
A fantastic plan
I think it’s a bad idea
I’ll stop it, ‘cause I can

Like I said, I’ll pick you up
Please don’t call again
I be there sharp at seven
No, I didn’t say ten

I sit here with my two friends
Try to eat my crepe
I’m sure I said at seven
No, NO, not at eight!

I just tried to take a bite
My phone? Please, not true!
I’m really getting hungry
Not so good for you

I guess that I’ll not get to eat
You have made this fix
You have made me change my mind
I’ll be there at six

Ken Goree

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