Monday, August 8, 2011


“This boat is such a deal!”
That is what he thought
Though yet to be discovered,
The trouble he had bought

He needed a dingy for his ship
An inflatable, he sought
Patches was the name she earned
No bargain, he was taught

Ken Goree

True story … not that it sounded like a lie.  My Lifelong Buddy, who honestly is “The King” of finding a great deal, bought an inflatable “Zodiak style” boat on Craigslist.  He got a great price and thought he could fix an minor leaks that he was sure that it probably had.  Three months later and countless hours put in trying to locate and fix the leaks and Patches still gets quite saggy in just one night.  The poor man is getting endless teasing about it.  I, for one, have finally stopped pointing out all of those “funny looking puffy boats,” at the marina.  If you Bump into him, make sure you don’t tease him about it.

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