Monday, August 15, 2011

Lesson Learned?

I thought I learned my lesson
But that story just ain’t so
Keeping up my fitness
Quite certain’s the way to go

And sure enough, when checking
That’s right, again I find
About heading to the gym
I left routine behind

So today I made myself
After a long rebuke
I drug my but back to the gym
Worked hard and almost puked

I think again I learned my lesson
I’ll keep my body prime
Until I have to, once again
Learn my lesson one more time

Ken Goree

I actually have been going to the gym, and doing other exercise, lately.  For some reason today’s workout seemed tougher than it should have.  Can I blame the weather, or allergies?  I think it may just be one of those days, that I should have spent enjoying the doldrums.

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