Sunday, February 27, 2011

Taunting the Storm

Taunting the Storm

Missed me again?
Come on Storm
What are you afraid of?

Give it to me
Give me your best shot.
Throw me a lightning bolt
Give me your thunder

Let me feel your power
Strike me with hailstones
Tear at me with your winds
Share your energy

Uhmm, yes
Here it is
The onslaught
The power

The cold and chill that
Digs deep
Freezes bone and blood
Excites the senses

Surf and sand
Roll and churn together
Dig long buried treasures
Scatter gulls inland

Don’t turn aside
Not again, come back
Lay deep your ice and snows

Ken Goree

Since this morning, the storms have skirted around us, in Cannon Beach.  The grey and white veil of storm and snow drifts in, concealing the sea and surf until the last moment.  Then it all turns aside.  I assume it is slightly akin to a woman enduring the bluster, boasts and bragging of a new lover only to find the sad impotent reality that the bravado covers … very disappointing.


  1. The flow of this poem was like a new song that catches your attention; it seems somewhat familiar and predictable, yet it is unique enough to make a person want to read or listen to it again and again to feel the beat and explore its intention.

  2. Thank you. I took this and a couple other poems to my writing group yesterday. They gave me a lot of great input that will make this poem better. There is much that I wasn't happy with in this poem, but they helped me with those parts. Expect to see the revision in the next couple of days.