Saturday, February 19, 2011



When I was a small man
 I wanted to be a Cowboy
My first time ridin’ I got “throwed”
But I got back up, oh boy!

My second time out
I drew an old nag
Slow and lazy
Just wanted feed bag.

I stayed behind, because of her way
Slow and plodding she took the trail
The trail boss raised a stick at her
Eyes round, nostrils flaring, a flick of her tail.

When her speed - increase didn’t
That cowboy man put stick to hide
My grip I didn’t lose
Through all of that terrible ride.

When I was a teen, a ranger I was
A woodsy state horse park, no less
The way my fortune had run
Should have got a priest, me to bless.

Was a girl of good standing
With perfume that to this day lingers
In my suave brown uniform chatting
Her horse tried to bite off my fingers

Stomped and they chewed me
In those many horses’ cruel way
Kicked and they threw me
Still I’ll be a cowboy someday

Ken Goree

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