Thursday, February 17, 2011



I’ve had enough of sand castles
A more permanent foundation for me
Mortared with heart, vision, time
This castle will not crumble into the sea

Together, our hands will build
I’ll not, in solitary, construct your prison
Each chamber and vista we together
Will envision, plan, shape, in unison

Our castle will not crumble into the sea.

Ken Goree

I was listening to Jimmy Hendrix on the drive to work today, and Castles Made of Sand came on.  I like the imagery, but couldn’t get myself in the mood to accept that everything decays, falls apart, or ends.  Plus, I’m on the romantic poem kick, so this works a little better.


  1. Been enjoying your words of the day. When I started reading this that song came to mind...great minds eh? hehe

  2. Thank you Mary. I am enjoying writing the blog, especially because it seems like a lot of people are enjoying it.