Friday, February 18, 2011

Aquarium Field Trip

Aquarium Field Trip

Tuesday we went on a field trip
When arriving, from the bus, I did skip

We went to see the aquarium
I spent time in a happy delirium

The tide pool I found fantastic
Some creatures were really elastic

You can imagine my frustration
At not getting to see a mutation

Though you can’t imagine my true elation
When I was allowed to touch a crustacean

There was a tank that held an octopus
Apart from his buddy so they wouldn’t fuss

The sea cucumber’s really a nut
When startled he spits out his gut

The moon snail gave me a chill
Kills its prey with a tongue like a drill

I got a good look at an anemone
Wanted to pull my finger away from me

By the end of the trip we were tired
But for poetry I got inspired

There were so many creatures to see
A fraction of what are in the sea.

Ken Goree

I'll probably add to this one some time in the future.  There was so much to see there that this poem seems like it is much too short.  The kids and the adults had a great time, and the docents who chatted with our children did a wonderful job.  

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  1. The Seattle Aquarium is cherished by many. Those docents pour their hearts into their jobs and it shows. The scuba divers actually have to get on a waiting list to volunteer for their jobs. I am thankful that you were inspired and look forward to more lines. The orange sea pens and the otters missed out!
    Nice job.