Thursday, February 10, 2011



bitter cold,
Yet, sun filled
Day is satisfying like
The complementary taste of
Sweet  and Sour
Chicken and

Ken Goree

Yesterday morning, after the freezing fog had lifted, and the black silhouette of the Cascade Mountains against the Tahitian orange sunrise had faded, I noticed a spine-shivering balance.  Brisk, chilled air which jarred goose-bumps awake and stood hairs on end met in a fine momentary balance with the eye squinting light of a clear winter day's sun.  Its good nature coaxed hair and goose-flesh to warm and smooth away remnants of the early chill.  

I found this balance extremely satisfying, and wanted to find something to equate it with.  Though a moment of experience in the wonders of life and natural sensation is not quite the same as "Eating out," it was the comparison that came to mind.

A great place to experience sweet and sour chicken, or pork, is a restaurant called Thai Ho, in Kenmore Washington.  Also, time and time again they have been written up for the amazing quality of their noodles, which they make fresh on the premises.

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