Friday, February 4, 2011



Warm and bundled
Children enter
“Let’s do some learning,
Front and center.”

In the classroom
Toasty warm
Within these walls
Safe from harm.

Shirts and pants
Were clean and dry
Shoes and socks all soggy
I know why.

Slush, ankle deep
What not to choose
Shorts and t-shirts and,
Please no tennis shoes.

Cast aside those shoes and socks
I looked upon with fear and loathing
Before the library, yes all, let’s
Find a place to dry that clothing

When to the room I did return
The time was not much later
A vicious smell my nose assaulted
Do not put socks on the radiator.

Ken Goree

I would assume the scenario is semi-obvious.  We had a snowy, wet and soggy day.  I know that it was a Wednesday, because that is our library day.  The kids came in from lunch recess soaked and dripping.  My general rule is that if it doesn't cause a problem for anyone's learning ... why not.  Several dripping wet socks were draped over chairs, and a few over my easel.  When the students headed for library I noticed quite a few socks were left behind.  What I didn't notice was that someone had come up with the brilliant idea of putting their socks on the radiator/heater.  

After dropping the kids off in the library, I spent time in the office making copies, checking my mail and chatting with colleagues.  By the time I returned to the room, the smell of stinky, sweaty socks was so thick I felt like I was swimming through globs of the stuff to reach the offending articles of clothing.  I placed them outside, in the freezing cold air.

That was in November, and now in February on days when the room temperature climbs too high, the "ghosts of stinky socks past" return to torment us once again.

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