Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Boatful of Memories

Boatful of Memories

Early morning shore
Waves a lapping
Found my spot
After hours of mapping

In the distance
Coyotes yapping
At water’s edge
Duck wings a flapping

On the boat’s side
The waves are slapping
First fish caught
Child’s hands are clapping

To internal tune
My toes are tapping
My smile grows
Finger snapping

After long hours
My son is napping
The noon-day sun
My strength is sapping

Productive trip
Time to be scrapping
To the trailer
The boat I’m strapping

A perfect day
In my memory trapping
Better than Christmas
It needs no wrapping

Ken Goree

1 comment:

  1. I like the flow of this poem. I found myself wondering how you would rhyme the next line without being too cheesy, and you pulled it off amazingly well. I wished I was there by the end with the joy that I felt from that scene.
    Nice job!