Sunday, February 13, 2011

Flowers from a Child

Flowers from a Child

I looked up a day ago
To see a sheepish grin
A student that I’ve come to love
Brought a pot and tulips within

A little girl with eyes so bright
Her arms outstretched to me
The flowers all wrapped in red
Shiny wrapping I did see

The flowers’ lives are short we know
Their beauty fades in time
But I will save three lasting bulbs
In that garden of mine

Don’t fret their fade my darling
Girl, I do swear  it’s true
“Each year when they spring forth again
Sweetie, I’ll think of You.”

Ken Goree


  1. You should post this one on FB! It is very touching and perfect for Valentines Day, even for those of us who have issues with it (with the day, not the poem :). By the time I read the part of "The flowers' lives" I was all choked up. Lucky teacher, lucky student, and lucky readers who get to enjoy your poem.

  2. Thank you Brigita. I'll do that.

  3. Ken--this is beautiful! Ken's students are very lucky :)

  4. Thank you Lisa. I think we know where I received the inspiration for this poem.