Friday, February 11, 2011


You have
Always been mature
Beyond your young years.

Musical gifts
Have been a
Humbling source of pride.

Well of
Depth, you share
Your whole world vision.

Recognize your
Kind and compassionate
Actions in the community.

Have learned
To question and
And see universal  truth.

A friend
Needs a friend
You always come through.

Will always
Behold you through
Creation’s most golden lens.

Ken Goree

I always feel I have fallen short when writing poems about the people I love, in my life.  I hope they know there is much more to say; that my love goes deeper than the words I write; that I could do all of their gifts justice and express my feelings more clearly.

My son is an amazing human being, and I am looking forward to watching all of the wonderful things he will accomplish in his lifetime ... though for now, I'd like to see him recycle all of those pop cans that are stacking up in his room.  

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