Monday, September 12, 2011

Young and Lost

Call out,
Desk covered,
Chair bouncing,
Pencil box rattling,
Singing in silent hall,
Lost work,
Broken pencil,
Anxious scramble,
Edge of tears
Escape to

Ken Goree

I had the first day of school today; what a wonderful, beautiful class.  There was one poor boy who is more scattered and disorganized than almost any I have had as a student before.  I feel sorry for him.  Trying to get his stuff together at the end of the day was an ordeal for him.  A very simple activity, for even a less than average organized person, almost left him in tears.  Five pieces of paper were handed to him and he was to put them in a folder.  The rest of the class did this activity, got their backpacks from the hall, packed up and lined up to go.  At that point, I had to help him find the pieces of paper which were in his desk, on his desk and under his desk mat.  The poor guy was almost in tears.  I am going to have to work hard to teach him systems to make him be successful.

He is the classic “class clown” who is loud, distracting, and distracted.  It is a cover; he is trying not to be “found out.”  He’s scared.

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