Saturday, September 10, 2011


I was reminded just right now
That my blog is a snapshot
Of my life through this long year
Even if it’s gone to pot

I’ve hoped to see my children
Develop on their road
Into happy healthy folk
But worked without a code

So when one of my offspring
Meanders off the trail
Of wise and noble choices
It feels like I’m in Hell

I boldly state my worries
And give the kid a hint
Of better ways to live life
Wisdom worth a mint

Though now my plan is laid out
To my words she’s deafened
I spend much time saying phrases
Starting with a rhyme of “F-N”

Ken Goree

Though this evening is a temporary speed bump in the raceway of raising children, I feel that there are too many of them lately.  And they are bigger.  And my suspension is giving out. 

Sorry for the “F-N” thing.  Oh, it could have been so much worse.  I am considering starting up a new poetry blog that is not kid friendly; something like “Sailor Potty-Mouth Poems. com”.

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