Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Half My Family

My brother has one stinky foot
The other smells quite nice
My mother wants to cure him
But can’t afford the price

My sister has one real dark eye
The other one is light
It looks creepy and quite scary
But don’t effect her sight

My father has one hairy ear
The other one is clear
We watch it all day in case
An animal does appear

My mother has one plugged up nostril
The other whistles some
She could start her own small band
Accompanied by drum

Both side of me are just the same
I hope you do not mind
Very stinky and quite weird
But consistent you will find

Ken Goree

I am planning on doing an after school poetry class this year.  However, I realized I might have trouble interesting boys in the class, so I decided that I would start writing a few “sixth grade boy friendly” poems.  Poetry doesn’t have to be smart or classy.  It just has to cause an emotional response.  That is why it is considered an art.  We do have to admit that the emotional response, “Ahhh, that is just stupid,” might not qualify. 

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