Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Self Aware

I know sometimes I talk too much
Okay, truthful, all the time
And though I am so self aware
I can’t help it most the time

I’ve tried to chew on bubble gum
To slow my flowing gab
I wish for just a moment to
At least try at being drab

Though try and try I really do
Not a soul has yet to see
My effort to restrain myself
It’s not how I used to be

I was such a tranquil child
Calm at my very core
That part of me has gone away
That lad is here no more

You’d think that after all those words
I’d eventually run out
Of words to say and thinks to think
But of chatter I’ve no drought

At end of day, as night comes on
And mouth does finally slow
Before you’ve had your chance to share
Sadly, off to sleep I go

Ken Goree

I’m told I “nailed it” on this one.

1 comment:

  1. I have just learned to butt in and talk over you, my dear. ;) I wouldn't have you any other way - Kel