Friday, September 23, 2011

Tick … Tick … Tick

Oh how the time do fly
Thank God for your attention
Or midnight would have come and gone
Missed poem would cause some tension

As you mentioned a moment ago
I’ve had a good long streak
Of pumping out these rhymes and prose
And tasty words I tweak

So wouldn’t it be a crime so foul
To wander off to bed
Forgetting my commitment  to
Spinning visions for your head

But because of your close watch
The minutes growing short
Became not a great problem
I scribbled this poem, of sort.

Ken Goree

Thank you, Susie, for noticing that midnight was approaching and I hadn’t done my promised duty for the day. 

Good night.  Sweet dreams.


  1. You are amazing! That type of skill is frustrating to those of us who can't write a poem in 16 hours, let alone 16 minutes....good night and sweet dreams

  2. Don't sell yourself short. Your poetic soul shine though. You just need to let it sing out more often.