Thursday, January 6, 2011

What day is it? Oh, right, the 6th

I thought it was time to include some other, significant people from my life, in my poetry – my students. It was wonderful to come back from break to them.

It's a limerick, so make sure you get that bouncy feeling going before you start reading it.

Room 12

There's now a class of 27
They make each day feel like it’s Heaven
Some times they are naughty
Don’t do what they oughty
But not near's bad as they could’ve been.

Brandon Myuse


  1. This was posted at 0400? I like the first version(this one) better.

  2. Thank you anonymous poster :-)

    I definitely like the message of the first version better. The second version fits the bouncy feel of the limerick better though. I wish I could have gotten the message and feel to work more hand in hand, though.

    Thank you for your interest and input.