Sunday, January 23, 2011

Penelope's Limerick - "The Sleeper-Inner"


There once was a girl named Penelope
Whose bed rested under a canopy.
She’d text through the night
‘bout this we would fight
Then next day she couldn’t wake before three


Several observations and information:
All right, I seemed to have established at least one pattern on this blog. That pattern seems to be a certain interest in limericks. Another pattern that may be emerging is a tendency to feature people who sleep in, in my limericks.
I read an article about “Sleeper-inners.” I don’t remember where I read it, so for now we will give credit to Amorphous They. In A. T.’s article, there was data collect that supported the generalization that Sleeper-inners tended to be risk takers and had a much higher rate of success in life.
Sleeper-inners, the appearance of me making fun of you for sleeping in is purely coincidental.
8-out-of-10 amateur and often immature poets think the name Penelope is outstanding as a name to use in a limerick.
Limerick purist would look down on my limericks, and possibly not even consider them limericks, because they lack socially unacceptable, perverse, taboo breaking material.


  1. The explanation is better than the poem...
    Disclaimer: I am a sleeper-inner

  2. i'm a sleeper-inner.. well almost i go to bed around 2, wake up at 5 go back to sleep wake up at 7 stay awake until 830 then go back to sleep usually until 10/1030.. does that count?