Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To be Named at a Another Time

To be Named at a Another Time

I see your pain
And I want to heal you
Hear the tremble in your voice
And want to soothe you.

The light in your eye
Clouded with tears
Tears at my heart
Want to take away your fears.

Pull you close to me
Calm the sobs that control you
Smooth your hair
Kiss away your care, let you renew.

Ken Goree


  1. I Wish

    To be that person in your arms
    To sigh and rest with your breath
    To know the hope of your renewal
    To let you in

  2. Your poem reminds me of one of my favorite songs...Fix You, by Coldplay. Listen to it if you haven't....

  3. allow time
    you are on her mind
    a soft place to land
    to lend a helping hand
    a warm embrace
    with a smile upon your face
    a connection
    yearning for your affection