Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Limerick for my friend Kelly


There once was a girl named Kelly
Whose spirit seems from New Dehli
In her meditation
She pondered creation
Then noticed the lint in her belly.

Ken Goree

This poem is for one of my best friends in the world. She is the best of spiritual depth, lightness of spirit, and timely wisdom. She has a great sense of humor, too.

It seems like I remember a poem with reference to belly button lint, but I don't think I quite copied anything.

Disclaimer#1: I have no idea whether Kelly has any belly button lint, let's go with the assumption that she does not. It worked with the poem though, and she thought it was funny, so it stays :-)

Disclaimer#2: No offense to belly button lint. It sounds like a very cozy arrangement.


  1. I know a guy named Kelly
    He eats like nothing makes him smelly
    With a room full of brothers
    He ignores other's druthers
    And eats the lint from his belly

    Seriously, there are pictures

  2. LOL! Love it, Susie! This is "The Kelly" reporting in...and I plead the fifth regarding my belly button...one will have to check it out for themselves...catch me if you can! P.S. I love my friend Ken. It is not every day I get a limerick in my name! Well, actually...come to think of it... I have NEVER had a limerick in my name!!

  3. Awesome Kelly.. I believe that the love that is cultivated in a friendship speaks to the quality of those individuals. It sounds like you both think highly of each other. Plus, Kelly is a great name to rhyme to!