Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm very excited about this!

I'm very excited about this blog. Apparently I have 74 people checking it out so far; only four poems into the year. I hope that you are all enjoying what I'm coming up with. I've actually been requested to write poems on specific subjects ... Awesome idea!!! One of the suggestions is for a poem I won't be able to post on this public forum ... it is a VERY "friendly" concept, but not very "kid friendly."

For those of you who have read the entries from before the January first might know about my "sick days." I am happy to report that I have not resorted to the use of any of of them, so far.

For those that have not looked back to the beginning of my blog, the "sick days" are several poems that I wrote before the beginning of the year for days that I am not able to create a new poem. The explanation of the "sick days" is in what I fondly think of as my "multiple personality disorder" post.


  1. Per your earlier request of your fans for other blog sites - in case you had not already stumbled on these;

    Daily featured poet and poem – I bet you could be one of their guest poets.


    Another interesting site.


    Local published poet Susan Rich





    Samples of work by NEA fellowship winners.


    You really are talented as a narrative voice. What a gift to be able to show us everyday things, but reframed in words that make them unique and worthy of notice and admiration. Thanks for being willing to share your work.

  2. Malyn, thank you for the kind comment, and these great referrals. I started to look at them this morning, but then remembered ... I have to work ... darn it! I know how I am going to spend my evening, though. Thanks, again :-)