Friday, January 21, 2011

Shoreline Girl

Shoreline Girl

There once was a girl from Shoreline
Who on weekends didn’t rise before nine
Her beauty to keep
She says she needs sleep
Or is it related to wine?

Ken Goree

This poem is about a woman I know. You may have noticed I used the word girl instead of woman. I believe that deep in every woman's heart, no matter the year she was born, she is and always will be a young, bright-eyed, optimistic young girl. Pain, sadness, stress and responsibilities build such a forbidding wall that sometimes we can't see her. That doesn't mean she is gone, however. Give her a safe place, where she can trust, and you may be blessed, in that she shows herself, if only for a moment.

Well, that said, on one particular day I think the wine was the cause of sleeping in, rather than the need for beauty sleep ... which she doesn't need :-)

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  1. Amen to the little girl in my heart...and to the wine.

    Ballard Girl