Thursday, December 30, 2010


Last night, I watched a movie that my daughter suggested, Across the Universe. I enjoyed it very much. During the movie I realized that many musicals are like reading poetry (aside from many songs being poetic in nature). In a musical like this, as someone is singing their part, life around them goes on unchanged. All the other actors go on with their business in the usual way, but the real action is the singer, that is where the action is, where life take on grand purpose, if only for a moment.

It is like that with poetry. The poet, or the reader who has really connected with the piece, is temporarily experiencing life and the world in a grander way. The curve of a leaf, or the snowflake throwing itself down thousands of feet takes on meaning and beauty. Life often misses these opportunities to recognize beauty, or pain, sadness, exaltation ...

Bravo, to the creative human beings who to the works of some other creative human beings (The Beattles) and spun a beautiful story that is more than day-to-day life.

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