Monday, December 27, 2010

Five days to go

I guess this "poetry" blog is getting to be my personal observations blog. I'm guessing that even after the poems start, on the first, you'll still get a bit of this.

For instance, I was looking at the Christmas stockings hanging from the mantle, sure there was a spark of sentiment that I could glean from them that might provoke a poetic mood. There was but the next moment I found myself wondering, 'I wonder how many stockings catch fire each year?," and "Stocking are made out of synthetic fur - what did they used to use? I think polar bear fur would just be too wiry for that cute white band at the top. And the red? What animal has that beautiful red fur for the main body of the stocking. Maybe they went extinct due to the pressure and over harvesting of the Christmas stocking industry. Too bad they didn't come up with synthetic fur sooner. I would have loved to see that beautiful animal with the bright red fur. I wonder what other species they were related too?

I had a thought about car accidents, rain and I.Q.s earlier today, also. I'd put that down here also, but the number of swear words it would take to recreate the mood would fry my hard drive. Expect a poem about that one of these days as well. I'll just allude to the swearing part.

I intend to keep this site kid-safe, though there may be some innuendo along the way, kind of like a good old Looney Tunes cartoon.

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