Saturday, December 25, 2010


Ahh, what a wonderful Christmas Day. I'm sure I'll never match the holidays my mom created for me, but I tried a little this morning. We started the "opening" around nine, and then I fixed my kids a waffle and bacon breakfast. I tried to make biscuits, but for the tenth time, I failed. My friends often call me a gourmet cook, but baking is a bit of a mystery to me. My mom makes biscuits that are fabulous, flakey and oh-so-fine. At Thanksgiving time, she was supposed to teach me how to make them, but when I asked her what I needed to have on hand for it, she left buttermilk off the list so I didn't get my biscuit lesson. Do you think she did that on purpose? Today's biscuits were edible, but not enjoyable. I'm sure she is sitting back enjoying that warm 80 degree Yuma weather, laughing, knowing that I have failed once again with biscuits ... I feel so impotent.

While making breakfast the kids and I watched Inception. It is quite a mind-bender of a sci-fi movie. Now that everything else is finished up, my daughter is playing her new video game (a shared gift, with her brother), Call of Duty: Black Ops, and my son is asleep in the recliner. It has a slightly different feel than the Christmases of my youth.

Maybe I'll sneak in a little Christmas music later.

Wishes of peace and joy to you all, Merry Christmas.

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