Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Three, and counting ... again!

This morning, I was accused of being poetic in a Facebook status update. In spirit, I guess I was, but that doesn’t count as starting early, does it?

My post went like this:

“As I sit here, coffee in hand, snowflakes muffle the sounds of the world.
I take a sip, then inhale the cold breeze through the open window. The
ducks on the pond sit, with heads tucked under wings, on half submerged
logs. The snow gently deepens on their backs. Should I invite them in?”

A few friends felt the mood I was in:

V – “Yes, do it!”
JB- “I vote YES!”

This one earned a kiss:

JW- “You're such a writer!!! Love it!”

This one, accusing me of being poetic would have earned a kiss, but she is married.
Extra points for the challenge, though:

KJ- “So write about how it turned to rain, and now to sunshine.
I wanted the snowflakes to stay!”

My response:

Me- “Today's weather is like our children. It started with it us saying, "Oh,
how beautiful and wonderful in every way. I wish it could stay this way
forever." Then soon we were saying, "Oh God, you can't be serious, you did
not just do that. Stop it, it, stop it, aarrrgghh, stop it!" (weather and
children make us sound so mature and intelligent). And now we are saying,
"Oh my, look how beautiful you become. Aahhh."

“Oh, and I did invite the ducks in. They looked at me as though I was crazy,
as did the neighbors.”

I love my friends :-)

PS - I tried to do some formatting, indenting the original post and comments, but it didn't work out. I don't know why. If anyone wants to tutor me through formatting, I'd be thrilled and thankful.

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